Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meesa tinken...

Someone callen meesa funny-looken other day, and it maken meesa tink. Why am meesa looken dis way? Meesa know, me parnents looken like me, and that why meesa look dis way. Butbut, why meesa parents looken dat way?

So meesa sit and tink long hours about gramparents and who comes before, meesa don't remember. How does meesa look normalness? Maybe meesa look hamsome if born differntly, and all wookiee ladys sure tink so? Maybe meesa muymuy does look swave, and wookiee ladys wont admit it. Perhapts meesa already is nice lukken but not nice lukken to othars? Perhapts all guys perceptins are the different. In dis case meesa dont know wether to believen yousa all. Or maybe meesa ideas are right and maybe yousa all are not even there, and meesa imagenen yousa all like a dream. There fore, meesa maybe a hamsome prinse?

Ayayay, meesa head hurts and meesa gonna go hit head on wall a few times. Itsa always helpen.